Dan Ferro · Statement
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This work is a photographic exploration of the unnoticed and commonplace, the disregarded and transitional. The subjects are common everyday things that include advertising space being prepared for new posters, cooking pans, graffiti, a salvage yard, and nylon string, as well as online satellite views of the Earth. They are the foundation for a visual exploration of form, color, and detail.

The final images are framed sections, abstract moments that let us see the depth of texture created by time and ordinary human processes. They show the impact we have on our world and different ways of seeing. The images provide a fixed record of a visual exploration, food for thought, and questions.

The process is the result of a unique interaction between me, the subject, and the technology that is guided by over 30 years of experience in the arts and the computer industry. This interaction begins even before an image is captured, while it is being viewed on a small LCD panel of a digital camera or during the preview scan on a flatbed scanner, and continues during digital processing using a large color calibrated monitor. Thousands of changes are made in each image until it reflects my personal vision.

Finally, the pigment prints are individually made in an open edition and dated with the month and year in which each print was made. High resolution archival inkjet printing, paper, and ink/pigment technologies are used.

Names used in these series are not an indication of intent. They are reference points, verbalizations of a single visual element or one thought the images suggest.