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Nunavut Territory


From Outer Space
The impetus for the collaborative "terraMarks series" started in 2006 while planning a family vacation on the Internet using Google Maps. Like many people, I am fascinated by images photographed from outer space, and while I was supposed to be locating routes and calculating mileage, I became increasingly distracted by the shapes and colors I saw in the satellite views of our destination points.

South Australia



My work generally goes in very close - I have photographed everything from the bottom of common cooking pans (the "cooked series") to peeling paper posters in the subways of London (the "subtext series"). Google Maps, however, allows an experience of a relative "far" and "near": I know I am seeing the earth from a distance far above the surface, but I also experience a sense of intimacy with the earth's surface that moves beyond landscape and water and into mesmerizing shapes and patterns that take on a life of their own in the mind's eye.



Saudi Arabia

This "terraMarks" series presents twelve of thousands of views from outer space to which I am continually drawn. These views were captured in 2007.

It will be interesting to compare the captured images with the images in Google Maps in a few years. The images will change over time because the Earth is constantly changing; some of it by human activity. For more about this, search the web for information on global warming.



Russia Too

I've spent many hours selecting and framing the images but cannot make prints available as the images are the property of Google Maps, NASA and other partners. You are free to use these images for your personal use, but any thing more will require permission from Google and its partners. Of course, prints of my other work are available. The style is similar but the camera is much closer to the subject.

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